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Announcement – BESTINCLASS and OFACTOR

Posted by: Wladimir R. Palermo
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We are pleased to announce an exciting partnership between BESTINCLASS and OFACTOR.

OFACTOR, headquartered in California (USA) developed the OFACTOR SURVEY, a neuroscience-based organizational trust survey based on more than 13 years of research, both in the field and laboratory by leading neuroscientist, Dr. Paul Zak.

OFACTOR SURVEY is designed to help organizations create and sustain a high-trust and high-performance culture. The “O” in OFACTOR indicates a focus on OXYTOCIN, the chemical foundation for trusting others that Paul Zak’s lab was among the first to dicover. From this understanding of how the “trust molecule” works in the brain, it is possible to identify policies that leaders can use to achieve high-performance teams. The results of the survey provide a deep understanding of what is working well and what may be causing a lack of trust between team members and leadership within an a organization.

Based on research and scientific evidence, organizations with high OFACTOR indexes show employees have higher engagement, less stress, are more aligned with the purpose of their companies, higher productivity, increased employee retention and show less emotional pain.

The combination of OFACTOR and BESTINCLASS methodologies, together with the experience of our teams, allows us to help our clients to consolidate a Culture of High Trust and Performance that multiplies the value of the business.


May 5, 2017


Author: Wladimir R. Palermo

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