OFACTOR is a neuroscience-based organizational trust survey built by real neuroscientists and designed to help you create and sustain a high-trust culture. It is based on over 13 years’ of field and lab-based neuroscience research by Dr. Paul Zak, a leading neuroscientist, and enables you to engineer a high-trust, high-performance organization.

The “O” in OFACTOR indicates a focus on oxytocin, the chemical foundation for trusting others that Paul Zak’s lab was among the first to discover. From this understanding of how the “trust molecule” works in the brain, we have identified policies that leaders can use to empower employees to excel and, at the same time, hold them accountable for their decisions

Organizations with high OFACTOR ratings have been scientifically proven to show: 106% more energy at work, 76% more engagement, 74% less stress, 70% more alignment, 50% more performance, 50% more retention, 40% less emotional distress.